At sea

Hell Ville is the perfect starting point for visiting the nearby islands of the archipelago.
You can go on an excursion, cruise, dive, observe cetaceans…

Excursions – Cruises

Nosy Be is surrounded by beautiful white sand or mangrove beaches, some of which offer stunning views of the bay islands.

Liveaboard Ulysses Explorer

We offer fast boat trips, catamaran cruises, dive cruises. More information on
Ulysse Explorer website.


Our dive centre is located on the island of Akazoberavina. We offer dives and training for all levels. More information about scuba diving offered by Ulysse Explorer.

Diving cruise

We organize diving cruises to Nosy Radama in the south and to Nosy Hara in the north.
More information about Dive cruises routes.

Turquoise waters

Beautiful beaches
to relax

Whale watching

When the season allows, from august to the end of october, you can observe humpback whales coming into the bay at this time to give birth.
More information about whale watching with Ulysse Explorer.

Whale shark

From october to the end of december, you will have the opportunity to observe the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.


Renowned for its beautiful beaches, the area offers a variety of beaches just as beautiful as each other: Madirokely, Andilana, the beaches in the north of Nosy Be.
The beaches of Nosy Iranja, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Ankazoberavina.

The wind

During sea excursions, dhows and canoes that seem to come from another time blend into the landscape.


On Earth

There’s many Malagasy handcrafts shops and many cafes and restaurants in Hell Ville.

Hell Ville

Discover the charms of an ancient colonial city.

The main market

A must-have is local produce and an incredible variety of spices.

Car rental

You will find on the island all types of vehicles for rent: car, quad bike, motorbike…

Visit Nosy Be

Ylang-ylang distilleries, Mount Passot, the Sacred Tree, the lakes…

Visit Lokobe

Nature reserve, endemic flora and fauna.


Ylang-ylang, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, all plants that gave Nosy Be its nickname of Island of Perfumes.


Massages and essential oil treatments.


Golf, tennis, horseback riding, trekking, cycling…



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